“The most important thing that CPJW has taught me is that it’s not just about access [to your subject], it’s also about respect and compromise.”

Jintong Wu

Senior, Photojournalism and Environmental Science

“The most special part about my CPJW experience was my subject. He’s a trans man, and it was a really special experience because I’m also gender queer and trans identified.

As soon as I saw the description of his story I knew that I had to tell his story and give him a voice through me and through video.”

Nez Covington

Senior, Science Communications and Video Production

“CPJW is just unbelievably incredible. If you have the chance to take it once in your college career life, do it.

You’re gonna meet incredible people, you’re gonna tell incredible stories, and you’re gonna have a year or two worth of development condensed into one week. It’s gonna be stressful but it’s gonna be incredible; please, just take it.”

Brian Faggin Batista

First Year M.A. Visual Communications

“CPJW really helped me discover my passion for storytelling, and opened my eyes to a whole different community— especially a community I don’t think I would have ever experienced if it hadn’t been for CPJW, so I’m incredibly thankful.”

Alex Kim

Junior, Photojournalism and Communications

“What makes CPJW unique is that it’s a group of students with varying levels of experience in the field of video, whether it’s taking one class or having your own business as a graduate student… It’s just a bunch of strangers who end up being friends by the end of the week.”

Sarah Redmond

Junior, Photojournalism and Studio Art

“I learned so much about video, and now I have a piece of work that I’m proud to put in my portfolio. I’ve also learned so much about my peers and gained like, 20 new friends.

It was just a really great, overwhelming experience in the best way possible, and I wanna do it over and over again!”

Haley France

Junior, Photojournalism

Snapshots of Hickory